7th Sea Villain's Kit by Jim Pinto, Carl Frank

By Jim Pinto, Carl Frank

The Villain's package comprises Footprint Island, The Powder Keg, the right way to construct the fitting Villain, 4 new motion maps, and sixteen NPC head photographs, plus a crusade building sheet.

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Extra info for 7th Sea Villain's Kit

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37 7th Sea Nationalism “There is only one thing I am concerned with, and that is the welfare of our wounded nation. ” Revenge “The meek arm themselves with justice. ” Revenge works best when it’s righteous. In other words, give purpose to the Villain’s anger. If the Hero is dueling the Villain, the Hero could make a mistake. Instead of disarming the Villain, he severely wounds him. Perhaps he cuts out an eye, or lops off an ear or misses entirely and hits the Villain’s son. Parents will do anything to protect their children.

Preferably with a knife in their back. Preferably with your knife in their back. A Villain looking for acceptance is generally very concerned with his appearance and demeanor; he doesn’t want word of his amoral acts getting back to his paramour. Often times, he even goes out of his way to ensure she thinks the most of him. It could be said that the character of Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons is a Villain looking for acceptance. This desire slowly changes into a need for redemption (see Redemption below).

We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost” is a very heroic sentiment, but like all heroic sentiments, it travels into Villain territory once it’s been taken too far. Now, when the Villain comes looking for revenge, what’s the Hero going to say? Apologize? You think that’s going to make everything all right? ” Other times, however, Villains use the sentiment to drive good men to evil means. The quote above about Eisen is a perfect example. Eisen needs Heroes desperately, but some seek to use that notion to further their own goals.

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