A Climate Modelling Primer by Kendal McGuffie, Ann Henderson-Sellers

By Kendal McGuffie, Ann Henderson-Sellers

McGuffie (U. of expertise, Sydney, Australia) and Henderson-Sellers (ANSTO surroundings, Australia) replace their textbook for complex undergraduate classes in weather modeling, financial forecasting, laptop sciences, and earth sciences and for readers who're no longer meteorologists by way of education. They think scholars have uncomplicated high-school arithmetic, yet say that during truth the mathematical improvement and different precise sections should be skipped with no prejudice to later sections. the 1st variation was once released in 1987 and the second one in 1995. The 3rd comprises big updates the place required, redrawn figures, and masses new fabric. The disk presents visualizations and versions, together with figures compatible for lectures or shows.

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The rest of this book is intended to give the reader a basic understanding of the types and complexity of climate models. We have not tried to answer specific questions such as those outlined above or to describe, in detail, particular models or experiments. In writing this primer, our aim has been to help those new to climate modelling to a quicker and fuller understanding of the available literature. G. (1975) Dynamics of deserts and drought in the Sahel. Quart. J. Roy. Met. Soc. 101, 193–202.

CLIMATE 19 All elements are described by the number of protons (Z) in their nucleus. Combining the number of protons with the number of neutrons (N) gives the mass number (A) of the element. A single element can have different isotopes with different mass numbers because there can be different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus. The three hydrogen isotopes all with the same number of protons (one) and of electrons (one) share the same gross chemical properties. Each can bond with another hydrogen atom and an oxygen atom to form a water molecule, H2O, for example.

In contrast, the 18O record comes from oxygen gas (O2) trapped in air pockets in the ice core. 11 The climate of the past 420 000 years is revealed in this analysis of ice cores from Antarctica. Isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen are proxies for local temperature and ice volume, while the levels of dust, sodium and methane reveal the nature of the environment around the ice sheets. , 2001, Vostok Ice Core Data for 420 000 Years, IGBP PAGES/World Data Center for Paleoclimatology Data Contribution Series #2001-076.

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