A Concise Geologic Time Scale by J G Ogg, Gabi Ogg, F M Gradstein

By J G Ogg, Gabi Ogg, F M Gradstein

A Concise Geologic Time Scale: 2016 offers a precis of Earth's historical past over the last 4.5 billion years, in addition to a quick evaluation of contemporaneous occasions at the Moon, Mars, and Venus. The authors were on the leading edge of chronostratigraphic learn and tasks to create a world geologic time scale for a few years, and the charts during this publication current the main updated foreign common, as ratified by means of the foreign fee on Stratigraphy and the foreign Union of Geological Sciences.

This ebook is a vital reference for all geoscientists, together with researchers, scholars, and petroleum and mining pros. The presentation is non-technical and illustrated with quite a few color charts, maps and pictures. The e-book additionally incorporates a removable laminated card of the full time scale to be used as a convenient reference within the place of work, laboratory, or field.

  • Presents a precis of Earth's background during the last 4.5 billion years
  • Includes a short review of contemporaneous occasions at the Moon, Mars, and Venus
  • Includes full-color figures together with charts, stratigraphic profiles, and pictures to reinforce knowing of every geologic period
  • Correlates local geologic phases to the traditional definitions licensed through the overseas fee on Stratigraphy
  • Offers an evidence of the tools used to create the time scale

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The Marinoan glacial episode spanned only 2 myr without any significant interglacial fluctuations, until it ended suddenly at 635 Ma. Ediacaran The Ediacaran begins at the sharp contact of the cap carbonate on the Marinoan glaciomarine deposits. At the GSSP in the central Flinders Ranges of South Australia is the contact of the 6-m thick Nuccaleena Dolomite onto the glaciomarine Elatina Formation (Fig. 1). , 2012). The Ediacaran will be potentially subdivided into two or three series (Subcommission on Ediacaran Stratigraphy, 2014).

Revised ages compared to GTS2012 Base of Cambrian (retained 541 Ma in GTS2012 with qualifier): Temporarily set as nadir of BAsal Cambrian carbonisotope negative Excursion (BACE) dated as 541 Ma—see discussion on base-Cambrian GSSP. Landing et al. (2013) suggest that 543 Ma may be best estimate for the oldest appearance of Trichophycus pedum tracefossil assemblage. Base of Cryogenian (720 vs 850 Ma in GTS2012): The base of the Cryogenian Period was initially set at 850 Ma (Plumb, 1991), but was revised in 2014–15 to the ca.

The Geology of South Africa. Geological Society of South Africa/Council for Geoscience, Johannesburg/ Pretoria, pp. 261–281. , 2015. The Proterozoic record of eukaryotes. Paleobiology 41: 610–632. 25. , 2008. Global record of 1600–700 Ma Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs): implications for the reconstruction of the proposed Nuna (Columbia) and Rodinia supercontinents. Precambrian Research 160: 159–178. , 2013. Reconstructing pre-Pangean supercontinents. Geological Society of America Bulletin 125: 1735–1751.

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