A Critical Introduction to the Philosophy of Gottlob Frege by Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock

By Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock

Gottlob Frege is likely one of the maximum logicians ever and in addition a thinker of serious value. during this booklet Rosado Haddock deals a serious presentation of the most themes of Frege's philosophy, together with, between others, his philosophy of mathematics, his sense-referent contrast, his contrast among functionality and item, and his criticisms of formalism and psychologism. greater than simply an creation to Frege's philosophy this ebook can be a hugely severe and mature overview of it as an entire within which the restrictions, confusions and different weaknesses of Frege's proposal are heavily tested. the writer is additionally a Husserlian student and this e-book comprises important discussions of Husserl's ignored perspectives and comparisons among the 2 nice philosophers.

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It would, thus, be as incorrect to carry out a psychological investigation of what numbers are as it would be to investigate the Atlantic Ocean by such means. 57 In the argumentation expounded above, Frege is making a distinction, which is crucial for the understanding of his philosophical views, namely, the distinction between what is objective and what is spatial, perceptible, physically real. 58 Thus, for example, says Frege,59 the earth’s axis and the central point of mass in the solar system are objective, but they are not real in the sense in which the earth is real.

They are structurally identical, though I can distinguish very well between them – one was kindly sent to me by the editor. More importantly, they exist, as well as any other copies of the same book in the shelves of other scholars. In the same way, according to the accepted physical theory of the macro-world, namely, general relativity, our physical world has the structure of a four-dimensional pseudoRiemannian manifold of variable curvature, and we can conceive so many manifolds structurally similar to it as we wish.

7 Ibid. 4 Grundlagen der Arithmetik: Second Part (§§46-109) 37 are neither ultraproducts nor reduced products makes no relevant difference: both statements express the subordination of a concept under another concept. Frege considers that when we acknowledge that numbers occur in predications about concepts, the difficulties that surround other views on numbers disappear. Thus, the presumed fact that different numbers can correspond to the same thing was based on the mistaken assumption that objects are the bearers of numbers.

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