A Cura Espiritual de Siddhartha by Allan Percy

By Allan Percy

Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) é uma referência espiritual para todas as gerações. Orientalista, escritor iniciático, poeta, romancista, pintor e considerado por milhões de pessoas como um mestre, encontramos na sua extensa obra conselhos de enorme valor para usufruirmos de uma vida simples, sábia e essencial. Allan Percy reúne neste livro o que considera serem os melhores aforismos de Hesse e associa-os a situações com que nos deparamos no nosso dia a dia, originando aquilo a que chama A Cura Espiritual de Siddhartha: um guide unique que conduz os leitores de regresso às origens de um ser humano em harmonia com os outros e consigo mesmo.

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Fortunately this old fellow Chao Chou had freedom to turn himself around in, so he answered him like this. " Nevertheless, though they are on the same road, they are not in the same groove. " An­ other good rejoinder! If it had been someone other than Chao Chou, he never would have been able to explain. " As before, the monk had no way to cope with this old fellow; all he could do was suck in his breath and swallow his voice. This is a very capable teacher of our clan; he does not dis­ cuss the abstruse or the mysterious, he does not speak of men­ tality or perspectivesa with you-he always deals with people in terms of the fundamental matter.

How many people make their livelihood within the Blue Dragon's cave? Even if you're a clear eyed patchrobed monk with an eye on your forehead and a talisman under your arm, shining through the four continents, when you get here you still must not take it lightly; you must be thoroughgoing. ' TRANSLATOR S NOTES a. According to the Buddha Name Scripture, a Sun Face Buddha lives in the world for eighteen hundred years, whereas a Moon Face Buddha enters extinction after a day and a night. " FOURTH CASE Te Shan Carrying His Bundle POINTER Under the blue sky, in the bright sunlight, you don't have to point out this and that anymore; but the causal conditions of time and season still require you to give the medicine in accordance with the disease.

Too bad! Still, he's gotten somewhere. 7. This wild fox spirit! He can't avoid embarrassment. He crosses from west to east, he crosses from east to west. 8. A poor man thinks about an old debt. The bystander has eyes. 9. Wu should chase Master Chih out of the country too; Chih should be given thirty blows. Bodhidharma has come. 10. After all this is Emperor Wu's understanding of Bodhidharma's public case. 11. Chih explains haphazardly. The elbow doesn't bend outwards. 12. After all, Bodhidharma couldn't be held.

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