A Half Century of Progress in Meteorology: A Tribute to by Richard H. Johnson, Robert A. Houze Jr.

By Richard H. Johnson, Robert A. Houze Jr.

Through a chain of stories through invited specialists, this monograph will pay tribute to Richard Reed's awesome contributions to meteorology and his management within the technology neighborhood during the last 50 years.

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Shown in Fig. 8 is their semigeostrophic transverse circulation solution for an upper-level jet-front system uncoupled (Fig. 8a) and coupled (Fig. 8b) to a lower-level frontal zone. Comparison of Figs. 7d with Fig. 8a and Fig. 7d with Fig. 8b shows that when the exit region of the jet-front system lies oil ' . /0 .. . : :. ~·<·"~l"; :"'~"'l"':' ~\ '4 \ 21 B OSART 2 -1t,........ .. ~... " • .. --....... - .... I ... \ .... \ .. \ "I . ,. FIG. 8. (left) Semigeostrophic solution for an upper-level jet streak exit region overlying a surface frontal zone (refer to Figs.

As in Fig. 23 except that frontogenesis (beginning at 1 x 1O-lo°C m- I S-I and shaded according to the color bar) replaces the horizontal temperature gradient. (Fig. 24a). By 0000 UTC 8 December, frontogenesis develops in the Oklahoma-Kansas region, driven mostly by horizontal confluence (not shown), as the aforementioned weak short-wave trough moves northeastward (Figs. 24b). A new frontogenesis maximum develops over the Texas panhandle where the flow remains confluent as the Great Lakes trough elongates southwestward by 0000 UTC 9 December (Figs.

5-PVU contour. Winds (m S- I) in the plane of the cross section are indicated by arrows and are scaled according to the reference vector. Smoothed terrain is shaded along the abscissa. Locations of the Pittsburgh, PA, and Sterling, VA, soundings shown in (b) are indicated by PIT and lAD, respectively, along the abscissa. Line A - A' in Fig. 22d marks the NW-SE-oriented cross section. (b) PIT (black) lAD (red) temperature (solid) and dewpoint temperature (dashed) soundings with winds (in m S-1 as in Fig.

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