A Practical Handbook of Seawater Analysis by J. D. H. Strickland

By J. D. H. Strickland

310 pages. Hardcover with airborne dirt and dust jacket. Fisheries study Board of Canada.

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The corrections made for the presence of boric acid are based on the assumption that free boric acid is always present in sea water at a constant ratio to the chlorinity. g. Gast and Thompson, A nal. 25. The method for determining total alkalinity that is. described here is taken from Anderson and Robinson (Ind. Eng. Chern. [Anal. Edition] 1 8 : 767, 1 946 ) and is sufficiently precise for most purposes. The method acts as a check of the specific alkalinity. As the latter is near 0. 1 23 in most sea areas it is only necessary to make alkalinity measurements on samples taken at great depths or at inshore locations where there is marked land drainage or where active carbonate precipitation is suspected.

Acad. Aboensis Math. , 1 2 : (3), 1939; Buch, Havsjorskn. Inst. , ( 1 5 1 ) , 1 95 1 ) . An excellent account is given by Harvey, drawing from these sources, and is to be found in his book The Chemistry and Fertility of Sea Waters (Cambridge University Press, 1 957 ) . The following presentation stems largely from this source but the pH range for some tables has been extended and we have also used more recent values for the second dissociation constant of carbonic acid. D. Thesis, University of California, Los Angeles, 1 957 ) , differ significantly from the Buch values and led us to recompute some tables.

Rept. , 1 9 : 85, 1 954) indicates that the unsubstituted amine is prob­ ably best. Sulphur is converted quantitatively into a highly coloured dye-stuff and the method is nearly as sensitive as theoretically possible and suitable for all concen­ trations of sulphide to be expected in the sea. METHOD A. g-at/liter 1 . 3jn! g-at/liter (using 1-cm cells ) . 2. 2 ,ug-at/liter (using 1 0-cm cells ) . B. OUTLINE O F METHOD The acidified sample is allowed to react with p-phenylenediamine and ferric chloride.

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