A Storm Too Soon: A True Story of Disaster, Survival and an by Michael J. Tougias

By Michael J. Tougias


Seventy-foot waves batter a torn lifestyles raft 250 miles out to sea in a single of the world’s most threatening locations, the Gulf flow. putting directly to the raft are 3 males, a Canadian, a Brit, and their captain, JP de Lutz, a twin citizen of the US and France. Their capsized forty-seven-foot sailboat has choked with water and disappeared less than the tempestuous sea. the enormous waves many times toss the boys out in their tiny vessel, and JP, with 9 damaged ribs, is hypothermic and at the verge of dying. The captain, although, is a remarkably tricky personality, having survived a brutal boyhood, and now he needs to depend upon an identical internal energy to live longer than the typhoon.

Trying to arrive those survivors prior to it’s too overdue are 4 courageous Coast Guardsmen fighting storm- strength winds of their Jayhawk helicopter. They understand the waves should be severe, but if they come they're astounded to discover that the huge seas have waves attaining 80 toes. reducing the wind-whipped helicopter to drop a rescue swimmer into such chaos could be tremendous risky. The pilots wonder whether they've got a pragmatic likelihood of saving the sailors clinging to the damaged existence raft, and in the event that they might be in a position to even retrieve their very own rescue swimmer from the towering seas. after they decide to the rescue, they locate themselves in virtually as a lot difficulty because the survivors, dealing with one life-and-death second after the following.

Also stuck within the typhoon are 3 different boats, every one in a Mayday state of affairs. Of the 10 humans on those boats, basically six will ever see land back.

Spellbinding, harrowing, and meticulously researched, A typhoon Too Soon is a brilliant account in regards to the robust collision among the forces of nature and the human will to outlive. writer Michael J. Tougias, identified for his fast moving writing sort and character-driven tales, tells this real saga within the current annoying to offer the reader an exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat immediacy. A typhoon Too Soon is Tougias at his masterful most sensible and a heart-pounding narrative of survival, the ability of the human spirit, and essentially the most excellent rescues ever tried.

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