African Sexualities: A Reader by Sylvia Tamale

By Sylvia Tamale

A groundbreaking booklet, available yet scholarly, by means of African activists. It uses research, existence tales, and creative expression—including essays, case reviews, poetry, information clips, songs, fiction, memoirs, letters, interviews, brief movie scripts, and photographs—to study dominant and deviant sexualities and examine the intersections among intercourse, strength, masculinities, and femininities. It also opens an area, rather for youth, to consider African sexualities in numerous methods.

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In all their forms, African–American masculinities tell a story greater than their most representative group. References and further reading Bederman, G. (1995) Manliness and Civilization, Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Carby, H. (1998) Race Man, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Golden, T. ) (1994) Black Male, New York: Whitney Museum of American Art. Harper, P. (1996) Are We Not Men? New York: Oxford University Press. Hine, D. and Jenkins, E. (eds) (1999) A Question of Manhood, 2 vols, Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

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Awareness of various ‘masculinities’ allows advertisers to cater to specific male demographics. Sophisticated techniques like data mining help identify (and subsequently create) niche consumption desires. Additionally, hyperspecialised media outlets enable advertisers to target precise demographics. For example, A ES T H ET I C S advertisers began designing ads for gay men and airing them on gay-oriented cable television channels like Here TV and Logo. References and further reading Barthel, D.

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