Age-related macular degeneration : a comprehensive textbook by D. Virgil Alfaro III MD, Peter E. Liggett MD, William F.

By D. Virgil Alfaro III MD, Peter E. Liggett MD, William F. Mieler MD, Hugo Quiroz-Mercado MD, Rama D. Jager MD MBA FACS, Yasuo Tano MD

A popular crew of retina surgeons provides promising new advancements in age-related macular degeneration, with emphasis at the most important advances some time past 5 years. content material addresses all facets of administration, together with anatomy, body structure, and pathophysiology; imaging of the macula in age-related macular degeneration; prevention measures and therapy; remedy; and destiny instructions. Abundantly illustrated and fantastically prepared, this e-book serves as an exceptional reference and textbook.

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All of these factors strongly suggest integral involvement of inflammatory cells in the development of CNV. Finally, ischemia-based theories do not adequately explain the typical later stages of CNV in ARMD: the formation of scarring and regression of vessels. With time, the neovascularization appears to “burn out,” leaving a cicatricial mass almost completely devoid of vessels. If ischemia is the only cause for the vessels to grow, then once the CNV does grow, the capillaries of the CNV recapitulate the anatomy of choriocapillaris and overlying neurosensory retina.

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