Air, Water, & Weather: Stop Faking It! Finally Understanding by William C. Robertson

By William C. Robertson

By way of William C. Robertson, Ph.D. Make earth technological know-how educating a in most cases sunny event with this best-selling job advisor! easy homes of air and water are truly and safely defined and are followed via drawings and hands-on actions utilizing on hand fabrics. those suggestions then turn into the root for illustrating climate styles together with the jet flow, hurricane fronts, tornadoes, and hurricanes. 134 pages. Paperback. Grades 3-8.

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With a wall or another molecule, bounce off as if you were a billiard ball hitting another ball or the side of a pool table. 6). 6 Keep your hands to yourself—no groping! This rule is especially important if you do this activity with adolescents and teens! l Once the participants understand the rules, go through the following steps and ask the group and yourself the following questions. 1. Have the people start by pretending to be cool gas molecules, moving about slowly. After a bit, ask how much of the available space the molecules use.

If this is the case, the object will float in the fluid. If the gravitational force is greater than the buoyant force, the object will sink. If the buoyant force is greater than the gravitational force, the object will accelerate (speed up) upwards. 9 the balloons completely in water and let go. 9 shows what happens when the gravitational force and buoyant force are not equal. At the end of this section, I’ll discuss why it makes sense that a fluid exerts an upward force on objects submerged in it.

16. 17 air molecules inside the tent are directed at the tent than before. This means that the air pressure against the inside of the paper tent is lower than the air pressure against the outside of the paper tent. Therefore, the paper tent collapses. This effect is known as the Bernoulli Effect, named after Daniel Bernoulli, a physicist who explained this phenomenon in 1738. In short, faster moving air (or water, too) generates an area of low pressure. Before I move on and explain the other activities, I’d like to mention how the Bernoulli Effect is treated in most physics textbooks.

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