Algorithms in C by Robert Sedgewick

Set s irru lot ion clock Rerrove state transaction from chain Coil progrcrn segment no • • • •• • I • • End ••• • • • • • yes > Figure 8 The structure of the flow control Term i no t i ng sect ion Volume 1.

TRUE. A conditional transaction activation functions similarly. In this case the subroutine DBLOCK is responsible for scheduling the further processing of the transaction. Examples done. in subsequent chapters show the details of how this is Volume 1. 3 The Subroutine FLOWe The subroutine FLOWC is responsible for the flow oontrol in GPSSFORTRAN Version 3. This subroutine represents the inner oore of the simulator. 1 desoribed the basio teohnique used for prooessing soheduled state transitions. This teohnique is extended in the flow oontrol of GPSS-FORTRAN Version 3.

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