All About Thickness : Understanding Moyo and Influence by Ishida Yoshio

By Ishida Yoshio

This can be a e-book approximately thickness, and it's different from the other cross e-book released in English. It includes forty five Examples; each one instance has pages, each one including a tremendous diagram illustrating the location handy, with a couple of phrases written in pink at the diagram declaring a number of facets and with components of impact shaded in at the board. There are then extra pages with a diagram taking over many of the web page yet with a few real textual content on the backside of the web page, and the diagrams don't have the snazzy colour and shading.

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White might think of the slide into the corner with White 1 before extending, because if Black answers at 'a', White 'b' is ideal. However, Black is unlikely to answer with 'a'; instead he will choose the pincer at 2. The black position after White 1, Black 'a', White V is without merit. 50 All About Thickness Example 13 Attack or Defense This move utilizes Black's thickness, and also acts as a pincer against White. -four" across All About Thickness 51 If White were to play first, he would play a three-space extension.

Dia. 4. Black pushes out with 1, followed by atari with 3 and 5. The outward influence gained here is even thicker than that shown in the initial diagrams, so Black has done well. All About Thickness 42 Example 11 The Power and Range of Thickness Against White 1, Black 2 to 12 produce thickness. The value of the star-point stone is 10 points. 43 All About Thickness White has 6 stones. Black has 7 stones. stone than White, his area can be thought of as about 20 points. 44 All About Thickness Dia.

Black could equally well have played the large knighf s move at 'a'. Black 6 is also good. The 3-3 of White 7, leading up to White 15, is a common joseki. After this, Black 'b' is the way to make thickness. All About Thickness 26 Example 7 Make Thickness During the Opening The sequence in this corner follows a standard star-point joseki. All About Thickness The one-space jump here instead Black 1 is a bit weak. 27 Pressing down with B l a c k 1 is ver y severe- 28 All About Thickness Dia. 1. This is a possible continuation.

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